Introducing our new brand

Things move fast in our world, and as we move from our initial trials to at-scale activity, we’re ready to introduce our new brand identity. Esqimo was our placeholder in advance of our full market launch, the brand that will now endure is Ziglu.

A similar polar association, but more distinctive. More focus on the mysticism of the Aurora Borealis (or ‘Northern Lights’) as it dramatises our igloo home, but a continuing desire to be sharp, elegant, and simple. The igloo is deliberately very central, bringing to life the notion of ‘the cool home for your money’. Somewhere smarter than other places (with your money doing the cleverest things), but somewhere that at the same time feels just like home. And the Ziglu name? Well, clearly drawn from the word igloo - but with a bit of a twist, making it (people tell us) unique, memorable, and a little bit quirky.

We hope you like it. The new brand will be rolled out through the app over the coming weeks but is already live on our (new) website,, and our social media channels. Look out for it!